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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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another unarmed man is shot to death in oakland. you will hear from the man's family and from police about why. >> and do you have one of the new cars? it could let you ride all you want for $2.
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good evening, everyone. oakland police are defending themselves after officers shot and killed an unarmed man. >> and there are conflicting stories about the incident and the man. alan wang is live at the oakland police department tonight. alan, the timing is especially bad. >> yeah, dan, some residents tell us this is like pouring salt in the open wound caused by the oscar grant shooting. the outrage is coming from people who say derrick jones was a respectable barber shop owner. the police, howf, are painting a much different picture.
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a crowd of customers paid their respects to barber shop owner derrick jones. he is the 37-year-old unarmed man shot and killed by oaknd la police in this alley on monday night. >> police are shooting at him. when he was on the ground they shot him some more. >> he was beating his girlfriend of a talking to him and deciding to arrest him, jones ran down this alley and tried to climb a fence. >> during the foot chase, the suspect was seen grabbing toward his waistband. this is a move obviously consistant in reaching for a weapon and possibly arming himself. >> it is such a generic story. it is a story they give when anyone is murdered by the police. gite ex-girlfriend called police after pulling a knife on jones and harassing him for several hours earlier in the day. joy she was harassing him and trespassing on his property, yet he didn't call police because he knew -- he was afraid something like this
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would happen, and that is exactly what happened. >> earlier in the day a crowd of angry people tried to get inside a police press conference. >> he he was on parole and had prior arrests for guns, drugs, domestic violence and resisting arrest. >> jones' sister claims the gun charge was dropped. >> he had a gun because he was trying to protect hisself and his place of business. something the police didn't have any interest in doing. >> police did not specify the race of the officers, but they did say they are not white, and each one had at least two years of experience. jones and his five siblings were raised by their stay at home and their father who is a retired city sewer department employee. his sister recently graduated from law school, and she says this could be her first civil case. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc news. >> thank you. a free ride is hard to come by in the day area.
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-- bay area. but there is an easy one to get one. here is amy hollyfield on a flaw that makes it easy to use the clipper card. >> there is a flaw on the clipper card and it is costing thousands of dollars a month. at a time when we need to see transit systems -- >> at a time when we need to see transit systems getting every dollar they can. >> matthew roth uncovered the problem. you can travel farther than the distance you paid for it. >> the problem is there is no incentive not to cheat the system unless you have good ethics. >> we bought a clipper car to test it out. and we covered more ground than we should have. we asked transit authorities why the problem hasn't been fixed. john goodwin at the metropolitan transportation system says we are done with this and we wish you well and hung up the phone. >> i don't think they are happy they are getting as much attention as it is.
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>> mtc off sees -- over seize the clipper card. like cal train and bart. officials say the flaw is actually there on purpose as a built in convenience for confused or inexperienced travelers. they rely on the goodwill of people to pay their debt by adding more money to their clipper card. but riders see it as something that needs to be addressed. >> i can't believe that. bart is good at that kind of thing. i guess not that good. >> it is not good. hopefully they will fix their flaw. >> at this point there is no indication that officials plan to do anything about this free ride. amy hollyfield, abc news. >> these days ac transit will not have to cut service after a new three-year contract. they reached a deal that protects the jobs of 1700 bus drivers and america necks, but they will have to make pay cuts and contribute to
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healthcare and lose a paid holiday. now to weather. there is rain falling in parts of the bay area. the street are wet in spots. and it looks like it will continue throughout the night. and yaw patel is here with a -- sandhya patel is here with a quick look. >> most is around the south bay. as wees -- as we look at live doppler 7hd, they are reporting some light showers. headed toward gilroy, wet pavement here. and as we look toward the north, around marin county, we are seeing a few showers developing here. so we cannot rule out the possibility of showers during the morning commute. we will see the showers continuing through the night. you will run into damp pavement for the morning commute, and then it is a dry forecast for an extended period of time. i'll be back with a look at the seven-day. >> see you then, sandhya. more than a hundred children in the south bay could be forced to switch schools. their parents are convinced
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the reason their kids are targeted is because they are rebters and not home -- renters and not homeowners. lisa amin gulezian is live where the school board was packed with angry parents. lisa? >> that is true, but the board decided a few minutes ago to redraw the boundary lines for those going to the school. they will allow kids third grade and up to continue going there, leaving the youngest to switch schools in the fall. >> this is unfair. >> emotion and anger filled the meeting. the focus is on don callejon school. it is filled to capacity. the district is trying to ease congestion. >> my recommendation is it is going back 20callejon and it is to redraw the boundary lines. >> in other words, develop men like mansion grove apartments across from don callejon will
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be zoned out. >> i live here and my new school is not in the area. >> those living at mansion grove and two other complexes were originally supposed to attend the elementary school that is one mile away with plenty of room. >> we feel we can provide a great experience which is just across the road there. >> i would like to stay in the same school. >> if the lines are redrawn, more than 150 children would move. some parents accuse the district of signing with property owners versus renters. >> i do feel that they are being pretty much, you know, taking the side of the people who have homes rather than rentals. >> some homeowners insist that don callejon was built for new, planned communities and the district should stick with the original game plan. >> you are hurting all of the students at the school in order to avoid a decision that will put other students at another well performing
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school. >> the plan is to bus the first and second graders in the fall. it will cause major traffic problems. live in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> thank you very much. the santa clara city council is still scheduled to vote on a plan to layoff dozens of city workers. they are facing a $13 million deficit. an estimated 80 employees from all departments, 9% of the workforce in the city will lose their jobs unless they give up scheduled pay raises, accept pay cuts and take unpaid furlough days of the three of the 10 bargaining units agreed to those terms. the layoffs would take affect in january. state senator leyland ye plans to run for mayor of san francisco. tonight sources close to senator ye that he will make an announcement tomorrow. meantime, the supervisors are trying to figure out how to appoint an interim mayor to
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serve gavin gnu newsom's term when he leaves. they introduced legislation that will allow the board to choose a replacement next tuesday. they call on the city clerk to come up with a process for choosing a replacement. the board of supervisors passed a -- an ordinance banning toys from traditional fast-food meals. if restaurants want to give out toys they need to include fruits and vegetables and meet guidelines for calories, code yam, fat and sugar. today's 8-3 vote is veto proof. eight s.w.a.t teams took down a group known as the insane thugs. the leader is this man from san leandro known as "piggy." he was one of 16 arrested. they raided 23 locations including five marijuana grow
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houses. inside they found a ton of marijuana worth at least $2.5 million on the street. the suspects were involved in five recent shootings. >> we have some evidence that pretty much identified them as shooters and bragging about it and scaring other people. >> police seized $100,000 in cash and a dozen guns including oozies and ak-47's. the military says they didn't do it. what caused this missile-like streak in the southern california sky. >> and the bay area walker whose classic car may have cost them a warehouse full of memories. >> and first lady michelle obama at the center of continue verse -- at the center of controversy. >> and a teen accused of trying to hire a man to kill his mother. we investigate the allure are to the murder for hire. and they are the ultimate
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power couple. we have an
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to now to that mystery you
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heard so much of in the sky off the california coast last night. it was captured by a news copter. a huge streak arching across the coastline. the navy and the air force that often launch missile tests say it wasn't theirs. >> you can see that glint of light. it looks as though it is the exhaust from the rocket. it also could be a jet aircraft from something you are looking at. it goes almost to the horizon. >> that's what most people think. but commercial airlines, you are flying in at the time and it is a secret missile launch given it happened within the view of eight million folks in los angeles. president obama is on his way right now to the group of 20 economic summit in seoul, south korea. he ended a whirl wind visit. the central theme of the speech was the importance of reducing tensions between the
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u.s. and the muslim world of the he called indonesia a willing partner in that effort. >> we are increasing ties between our governments in many 20 areas. and just as importantly we are increasing ties among our people. this is a partnership of equals. >> president obama received a mostly warm welcome in indonesia where he lived for four years with her mother and her indonesian husband. but there was at least one mass protest against the president's visit. a simple handshake between first lady michelle obama and the administration minister is causing continue verse see. he was one of several dignitaries greeting the president and his wife. you can see him here shaking mrs. obama's hand. the minister is a conservative muslim who makes it a point of avoiding women outside of his family. on twitter he said he tried to resist the interaction and blames the first lady for
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holding her hand too far toward him. a fire that damaged the warehouse where rocker neil young keeps his memorabilia may have started in a vintage car. the blaze broke out early this morning and spread quickly. the fire department managed to save about 85% of the items inside this 10,000 square footwear house. they include available musical equipment, souvenirs from young's career, and irreplaceable canisters of concert film. >> the fire originated toward the front of the building. while we had firecrews attacking the front of the building, we had them start salvaging and removing as much items as they could. >> the initial damage estimates are in the $1 million range. at least they were able to get most of the stuff out. yeah, and we have seen a little rain pushing through the bay area this evening. >> we have. let's go back to sandhya patel for the full forecast. >> we do have a few showers in the bay area. it is snowing.
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we have snow falling across blue canyon toward truckee and south lake tahoe. over the weekend some of the resorts picked up anywhere from a half a foot to a foot and a half of snow. we are still seeing some snow right now, although not quite as heavy. as you look at the bay area doppler, very light returns showing up. some of this is below the radar beam. so it is not getting picked up. we are seeing light showers around the santa cruz mountains and down toward the gilroy area and around the marin county area, very light returns showing up. here is what it looked like from the time lapse perspective, just a few hours ago, you are looking at 80. where the rain was falling, you can find it on the lens there and we have had showers at mount saint helena and .04 in san francisco. if you are wondering how we are doing so far, november, the entire month of november, the average for san francisco
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is nine days of measurable rain. we are talking .001 of an inch. if our computer models are right, we are keeping it dry right until the 16th which is next few -- next tuesday. it only takes us halfway through the month. it gives us another half a month or so to pick up seven days of the average rain. the numbers in the 50s except los gat toes is 46 degrees. spotty showers through the early morning hours. blue and breezy for your wednesday afternoon and look for a string of mild days ahead. here is the satellite and radar. this cold front is lumed it in moisture, so -- is limited in nature so we are just seeing light showers. it will go through by the early morning hours. you will see it on our computer animation. just a few shower reported a -- showers around 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. most of the showers should be done by 5:00 a.m. additional rainfall 0 to .15
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of an inch. this is not expected to be a big rain maker. a milder night with the cloud cover, mid40s to the low 50s. and tomorrow afternoon you are looking at temperatures in the south bay under sunny skies in the low to mid60s. san jose, cupertino, sucket 4 degrees. 62 in san mateo. a cool, breezy afternoon in pacifica. only 56 degrees, so you will definitely need a sweater. downtown san francisco, 61 degrees. northwesterly breeze up to 25. in the north bay, mid50s to low 60s range. east bay community, 62 in oakland and union city. head inland, narrow range in the low 60s for everyone. around the monterey bay, 62 degrees for santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- it is a dry seven-day forecast. veterans day is dry. but you notice heading into the weekend temperatures are climbing into the mid60s to the low 70s range.
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a little warmer on sunday. and we hold in that pattern through early next week. so it does not look like storms are on the horizon are to the next seven days. >> thanks, sandhya. well, the buffet is off limits. >> coming up, thousands of cruiseship passengers are forced to eat pop tarts and spam instead. the story is just ahead.
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singapore airlines pulled three of the a-380 jumbo jets from service. they found oil on the engine where it shouldn't be. the planes will be fitted with new engines. last week qantas ground its fleet of a-380s after one of the aircraft's rolls-royce engines burst into flames from singapore to sydney. it made a safe landing. and trouble on the water. the first of self-tug boats reached a carnival cruiseship off the coast of mexico. an engine fire cut power
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leaving 4500 passengers and crew without air conditioning and hot water. u.s. navy helicopter from the uss ronald reagan are flying in canned crab meat, pop tart and spam. good eating, obviously. friends are concerned about thar safety -- their safe -- safety back home. >> she is diabetic. it is hard. i heard they barely got the toilets back going, but they don't have hot water. >> the company has promised full refunds to the passengers and free passes to future cruises. the tugs will try to pull the ship to san diego where it is expected to come thursday night. and that can't come soon enough for those folks. >> not sure fe will want to get on the ship again with a free voucher. >> all the spam you can eat will not smooth things over. back in full gloom. the last time they played things got a little nasty. more men behaving badly in a game that went into ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ bt
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good evening. when the sharks and the ducks met 10 days ago it was like fight night in the tank. they combined for 21 penalties and 12 for fighting. tonight in the rematch things were more civilized. jeff orton with a two-game success eption specs. dear -- suspension. he shoots and scores and 1-0 san jose. there was some fighting. george pier rise and those guys are heavyweights, both 250 pounds. in spectacular hd he deflects it home. if at first you don't succeed, follow your own shot. to ot and the ducks control it. he insurance with it for anna
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-- anaheim. monta ellis had to be helped off the court in toronto with a back injury. he stayed in canada overnight as a precaution. the good news, it is not serious. the warriors play the knicks tomorrow. paul milsap is in the zone. he is a muscle paint and there is not one, but two, but three 3 es a. trailing 104-102. rebound, put back and had 46. duane wade 39 with the heat and that is with authority. ak47 and he puts utah up 112-111. jazz over the heat 116-114. in ot and miami's third loss of the year. quinten daley's one of the best in hoops history and he passed away in las vegas at the age of 49. he was an all-american in 1982, but allegations of an attack on daley on a female
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student lead to cfs to terminate their basketball program. he died of cardio cardiovascular disease. jim harbaugh calls him the version of peyton manning. he is 6th in the bcs ranking. arizona state, cal and oregon state, the cardinals will be 11 and one and very deserving of a bcs bowl bid. nobody is concerned about that now. >> i don't think guys will get ahead of themselves. i forgot it is a big game two weeks from now. guys are feeling the same way. on. >> cal is a perfect 4 and 0 at home. that can change when top-ranked oregon visits berkeley. they average 54 points per game? nobody has stopped the quack attack. hope to contain them and hold them to 45?
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>> not many people have out scored them in the 50s. i think the key lies on being able to hold them to a manageable number on offense. >> with that said, you hold them to 45 you have done a great job. >> thank you. >> "nightline" is coming up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. gx÷i4ú4ú4ú4ú4ú4ú4ú4úr time.
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>> all new. oprah: a not to be missed, one time only lineup. phil donahue's "oprah show" debut. >> sally jessy raphael. oprah: geraldo rivera.


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